Acrobatics / Tumbling Gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics develops the art of balance and core strength. It combines strength, flexibility and technical precision of gymnastics with the grace and musicality of dance alongside the trust and camaraderie of learner partnership.

Tumbling is characterised by swift and rhythmical succession of acrobatic bounding from hands to feet, feet to hands or feet directly back onto feet. Tumbling is the perfect sport for those looking for a fast paced and daring challenge.

ACT2's high-spec Airtrack provides learners and performers with the opportunity to master the art of Tumbling in a comfortable, modern and safe environment.

ACT2 offers a combined general gymnastics class which incorporates acrobatics and tumbling disciplines.

We have an Acrobatics Development and Main Squad. Interested gymnasts are able to test for squad annually.

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